Hi! I am Merve Özge Aladag, your new Product Designer.

I turn ideas into digital products & websites that people love.

I've worked with worldwide brands.

Showcasing my ability to collaborate effectively with clients involves not just my design skills but also my communication, empathy, adaptability, and willingness to understand their needs deeply. As a designer I excels not just in creating exceptional designs but also in fostering strong, successful collaborations with clients.

How I work.




About me

Design Refinement

Justlife & Careem Responsive Search Design

This new feature aims to empower users to efficiently discover services, service categories, and service items, significantly expediting the booking process while enhancing overall usability and convenience.

Meddly Mobile App Redesign

I Handled the whole UX/UI Designing process.I was responsible for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements and creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes and mockups.

CoCarting Web Redesign

‘’Charity Profiles’’ and ‘’CoCart’’ features to e-commerce & social shopping platform further important market problems and adds a valuable dimension to users service. Users will be socialized and be donors or create their shopping groups.

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Kirlex Fintech Mobile App

With my innovative approach, the app aim to transform the renting landscape, offering a comprehensive solution that benefits both tenants and landlords while reshaping the way people perceive and utilize their rental payments.

Getirarac App Design

In accordance with atomic design principles, I adopted a modular design approach divided into small parts. In this way, I designed the payment flow and delivery process step by step.Based on user feedback, I have made the new car buying process a simple and user-friendly experience.

Habita Habit App Design

This application aims to provide them with a user-centric platform that enhances their ability to establish, monitor, and maintain healthy habits and goals in line  ultimately fostering a balanced and productive professional and personal life. This app will provide them reward, streak monitoring, tracking and socialization and when they reach their desired rosette they will be able to share their success stories with world and they can meet and competite new people while joining public challanges.

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