Justlife & Careem Apps Iterations
Project Duration: 3 months
Role: I was responsible for creating the design of the product’s user interface along with crafting the visual design, being moderator during the user research, usability test and interaction design.
Location: United Arap Emirates

What I have made better?

Objectives & Goals

The goal is to aim provide user-centric and efficient solutions;

1-To determine the improvements to be made by examining the experiences of the users in the service booking processes.
2-Getting detailed feedback from different (personas) users in order to create products, services, and systems that are useful, usable, and satisfying for users.
3-Reaching out professional and Justlife support system in clean flow.

The goal of user research is to create products, services, and systems that are useful, usable, and satisfying for users.

Problem Statement

The app need to offer features such as easy booking, transparent pricing, real-time tracking of cleaning services, secure payment options, and efficient communication channels. The problem is that some users giving up to complete of finding, booking, and managing home cleaning services, beauty salon including add-ons shows by KPI’s and other quantitative researchers.


Usability Test Format

Following 8 usability test, I have created user stories, persona and it helps me to understand who the user of the product are, their pain points and expectations and the purpose for which they would use the product.

Research Questions

-Have you read the descriptions/information before?
-Do you always read the information?
-Are all services understandable to you?
-This is your first time seeing this page, right?
-What do you think? What would you expect?
-If you would change professional: Why would you choose this professional?
-Is the information sufficient for you?
-If you require regular cleaning services and want to schedule someone to come every week, how would you go about arranging it?


Participants are mostly Milenials with full-time jobs and who go to Dubai or KSA for living.

There will be 8 users, 4 women - 4 men both IOS android Justlife user or non Justlife user.

The study is accessible for use with a screen reader and a switch device.


Moderated usability testLocation: Turkey, remote (each participant will complete the study in their own home)

Date: Sessions will take place between on Jun-July 23’

Length: Each session will last 45 to 60 minutes per participant.

Compensation: Users were asked to perform task in Justlife app and  web.


User flow

Costumer journey map

Search Feature Design

I designed search feature on both responsive and app projects of Justlfe and also I worked on impelementing common designs for app project for Justlife’s partner Careem by both using Careem and Justlife design systems.
In a strategic effort to streamline user experiences, foster engagement, and simplify service selection, we are embarking on an exciting project to introduce an enhanced search feature across both the Justlife and Careem apps. This new feature aims to empower users to efficiently discover services, service categories, and service items, significantly expediting the booking process while enhancing overall usability and convenience


Why these apps needs a search feature?

User-Centricity: Our users' time and convenience are paramount. A search feature is instrumental in enhancing the user-centricity of both apps by offering a rapid and effective way for users to locate the services and professionals they need.

Diverse Offerings: These apps host a wide array of services, service categories, and service items. Users might have specific preferences or unique service requirements. The search feature caters to these needs by enabling precise, personalized search capabilities.

User Engagement: Simplifying the process of finding and booking services fosters increased user engagement. When users can locate their desired services with ease, they are more likely to return to the apps, increasing their interaction frequency.

How it helps users?

Users can easily discover services, service categories, and service items through a quick and efficient search process. This eliminates the need to manually scroll through extensive lists.

Users can tailor their searches to match their specific requirements, selecting preferred service types, professionals, and more, thereby creating a personalized experience.

The search feature accelerates the service booking process, reducing the time spent on service discovery and enhancing overall app usability.Enhanced Decision-Making: With the ability to search for services with specific criteria, users can make more informed decisions, resulting in higher satisfaction with their chosen services.

Piece of Design System

Design Mockups


What i implemented for Show Recurrings Differently flow case?

Section 1 - Section 2: Appointment page list design update
Section 3:
Recurring page section
Section 4:
Edit this booking only CTA + Manage all weekly bookings
Section 5:
Manage this booking [For upcoming bookings]
Section 6:
Manage recurring booking [For confirmed state]
Section 7:
When the professional is replaced due to absenteeism etc

How it helps users?

Currently, the users cannot manage, view and track recurring bookings from a single screen. The users have to individually open sub-appointments for booking details, tracking professionals, and reschedule or cancel the bookings. Therefore, under this issue - we will develop a single page to allow users to conveniently track and manage recurring appointments to uplift user experience.

Developed a push notification design for the homepage from the ground up and seamlessly extended the same design process to the Careem app. Coordinated and presented design system components and rules of Careem and Justlife to the Careem Product designers for a cohesive and unified user experience.

Piece of Design System of Careem

Design Mockups

Favorite Feature Design

As the dedicated Product Designer at Justlife, I'm thrilled to unveil a game-changing feature - 'Favorites.' This innovative design enhancement empowers users to tailor their Justlife journey, putting the control right at their fingertips. With 'Favorites,' you can mark a Professional, Service, or even a specific Service Item as your personal favorite, making your Justlife experience uniquely yours.


Why these apps needs a search feature?

Why Favorites? It's all about engagement, ease, and efficiency. By marking your ''Favorites'', you create a curated collection of the Professionals you trust, the Services you love, and the specific Service Items that perfectly meet your needs.

How it helps users?

Challenge: Users within the dynamic and diverse Justlife community encounter difficulties in quickly finding their preferred Professionals, Services, and Service Items within the platform.

Issues: This challenge leads to frustration, extended search times, and occasional disengagement among users.

Solution Requirement: Users require a solution that enables them to easily mark and manage their favorite Professionals, Services, and Service Items.

Objectives: The solution aims to enhance the user experience by providing swift access to their trusted choices and simplifying the decision-making process.

Goals: Addressing this problem will increase user engagement, foster loyalty, and streamline the service selection process, leading to a more personalized and efficient Justlife experience for all users.

CoCarting Web-Responsive Redesign
Project Duration: 2 months
Role: As a Product Designer I was reposnbile for : User research & flow, wireframing, ui elements (including design system), prototyping.
Location: United States

What I have made better?

Users can seamlessly search for products and swiftly add them to their cocarts. Once added to a cocart, users have the option to effortlessly share or vote on products while engaging in discussions with cocart team members. This dual functionality enables users to shop and discuss products in real-time. The same convenience extends to Charity profiles, which are public, allowing anyone to join as a member and contribute products while simultaneously enjoying the ability to shop and engage in product-related conversations.

I added new features

Chat features and connections.

Users will be able to chat their cocart friends everytime with sticky chat window on the right, and can see their connections online state.

Discover new cocarts and charity profiles.

Cocarts and charity profiles will be categorized on discover page and users will search for new cocarts and charity profiles.

Share product already in cocart with team on chat.

They will be available to share cocarts and chairty profile with their friends and family to easily invite them.

Meddly Mobile App Redesign
Project Duration: 1 month
Role: As a Product Designer I was reposnbile for : User research & flow, wireframing, ui elements (including design system), prototyping.
Location: United States

What I have made better?

I Handled the whole UX/UI Designing process.I was responsible for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements and creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes and mockups. I did also create style guides, design systems, design patterns and attractive user interfaces to redesign the existence app.

Problem Statement

The Meddly application still has some shortcomings in the flow when users access menus and features which is using in USA. My developer client wants me to redesign the app for better user interface and experiences. Therefore, it is necessary to make some adjustments so that users can more easily understand to use the Meddly application.

Objectives & Goals

Display and flow of menus and features that are easy to follow, understand, and quickly accessible to users and users are comfortable and feel it easy to reach the events, to record videos or images for selected events while using the application for a long time.

I added new features.

User needs

Users hope that menus and features can be easily understood and quickly accessed
Easy access, speed, and security features on free access are the same as paid
Want to have a good experience when using the app

Unique Features

Menu and features access is clear and easy to understand
Quick access to all menu and features
Easy, user friendly and fast when using application
Better experiences with new features and clear UX
Both light and dark mode options

User Target is working population of age group 16 - 45