CoCarting Web-Responsive Redesign
Project Duration: 2 months
Role: As a Product Designer I was reposnbile for : User research & flow, wireframing, ui elements (including design system), prototyping.
Location: United States

What I have made better?

Users can seamlessly search for products and swiftly add them to their cocarts. Once added to a cocart, users have the option to effortlessly share or vote on products while engaging in discussions with cocart team members. This dual functionality enables users to shop and discuss products in real-time. The same convenience extends to Charity profiles, which are public, allowing anyone to join as a member and contribute products while simultaneously enjoying the ability to shop and engage in product-related conversations.

I added new features

Chat features and connections.

Users will be able to chat their cocart friends everytime with sticky chat window on the right, and can see their connections online state.

Discover new cocarts and charity profiles.

Cocarts and charity profiles will be categorized on discover page and users will search for new cocarts and charity profiles.

Share product already in cocart with team on chat.

They will be available to share cocarts and chairty profile with their friends and family to easily invite them.

Want to work together?

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