Meddly Mobile App Redesign
Project Duration: 1 month
Role: As a Product Designer I was reposnbile for : User research & flow, wireframing, ui elements -including design system-, prototyping.
Location: United States

What I have made better?

I Handled the whole UX/UI Designing process.I was responsible for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements and creating user flows, wireframes, prototypes and mockups. I did also create style guides, design systems, design patterns and attractive user interfaces to redesign the existence app.

Problem Statement

The Meddly application still has some shortcomings in the flow when users access menus and features which is using in USA. My developer client wants me to redesign the app for better user interface and experiences. Therefore, it is necessary to make some adjustments so that users can more easily understand to use the Meddly application.

Objectives & Goals

Display and flow of menus and features that are easy to follow, understand, and quickly accessible to users and users are comfortable and feel it easy to reach the events, to record videos or images for selected events while using the application for a long time.

Product Users

Our target audience is working population of age group 16 - 45

I added new features.

User needs

Users hope that menus and features can be easily understood and quickly accessed
Easy access, speed, and security features on free access are the same as paid
Want to have a good experience when using the app

Unique Features

Menu and features access is clear and easy to understand
Quick access to all menu and features
Easy, user friendly and fast when using application
Better experiences with new features and clear UX
Both light and dark mode options

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