Bus Booking App
Project Duration: 2 weeks
Role:As a Product Designer my responsible for collecting, researching, investigating and evaluating user requirements and creating design patterns and attractive user interfaces, user flows, prototypes and mockups.
Location: Germany

What I have implemented?

“Super Bus” is an intercity bus travel company in Germany founded 2 years ago. Its main objective is to provide first-class service at an economic price. To realize this objective, the company designed the buses with premium features that do not exist in other bus travel companies.

Problem statement

Every user has their own favorite features and product is required an equal ux design where all of them meet the user’s specific expectations.

I wan’t special broad space seats because I am too tall.
I don't like limited duration time, I want more option on sorting by.
It is not possible for me to see if my bus delayed , I want to be able to see that.
I couldn't plan my trip without getting to know popular travel destination, I need that.

Goal statement

My goal was to design an accessible and inclusive responsive design that lets users book their bus trip quickly and easily at their own convenience. They can use desktop, tablet and mobile with consistent design style. User can choose their desired featured buses.The SuperBus ensure features listed below:

Strategically organize and readable featured buses.
Users will be able to reach features listed below:
-Route & Delays
-Manage Bookings
-Bus Tracker
-Popular Routes
-Stations on Map

Include a manageable number of filters as:
-Seats with massage functionality and broad space Entertainment system (Netflix, Spotify, Game, etc.)
-Dressing Room Snack and coffee machines
-Different baggage type options (Bike, ski board, e-scooter, etc.)
-WC / Restroom

Users will be able to sort by as
-Departure city
-Arrival city
-Passenger count

Design process

Research questions

Who is our user?
How can we evaluate our design?
In what exact moment does the user feel frustrated?
What´s the user value of the feature?


Maria is an aspiring social worker in Berlin. She has a busy and dynamic schedule. He loves traveling and discovering new places and she needs to see popular and cheap destination so that she can book a bus ticket quickly and get new ideas to where to go.

‘’As a hardworking person, I want to see popular destinations and cheapest buses that I can feel happy to make my decision quickly ’’

Burak is a comfort freak person who needs a relaxing features because it gives him motivation to take buses rather than train or planes.

‘’As a computer engineer  person, I often feel tired when I sit during working at home and need message featured or broead space seats so that I can feel happy to take bus and enjoy the journey’’


User journey map

Empathy map

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